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tn_teleparc_program.jpg Created in 1997, the Teleparc Program has proved to be a useful and innovative tool in enhancing the department of Gers' participation in the field of Geomatics. Initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Gers, the goal was to create one of the first Geomatics centres in France specifically located in the department of Gers (one of the most agriculturally dominated areas of France).

Teleparc is a European Community Innovation Program which seeks to address the question "how can information technology help rural communities overcome their challenges?" Some of those challenges include geography, desertification, emigration, inertia, and stagnation. Proposed solutions to these problems include the consideration of territory as a capital investment, the mobilization of key players, as well as the use of new technologies to enrich the regional image (making it a more attractive place to live and work).

In principal the Teleparc Program is characterized by three principal actions:

  • 1. Conducting Research & Development and Participating in European Projects
  • 2. Offering & Promoting Initial and Continuing Education
  • 3. Providing an Incubator and Business Service Centre


The Teleparc action plan (1997) can be easily summed-up in the table below:

Key Actions
Facilitate the arrival of new residents
  • Create multimedia content
  • Make content available via new technologies (the Web)
SOHO-SOLO project
Geomatics Strategy
Increase Employment
  • Information system technology training for all industry sectors
Geomatics Strategy
 Encourage Economical Development
  • Encourage growth and modernity in rural areas
PYRED Project
Geomatics Platform
Geomatics Strategy
 Provide services to aid the local community
  • Develop local consensus and village involvement
Develop local tele-services (ADSL available to all)

Each objective listed above was (in 1997) and is (today) being continually pursued through its defined strategies. Over the years however, the key actions implemented have morphed and changed.


In the past 11 years Teleparc, in conjunction with the CCI of Gers and the CEEI Gers Gascogne, has successfully created, maintained, and evolved the European Geomatics Centre (EGC) of Gers. This centre is currently home to six businesses and five projects. As well, the EGC of Gers, in conjunction with the CCI of Gers, has overseen the completion of eight projects since its creation.

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