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The Teleparc project team

The team of European projects of the CEEI Teleparc is composed of a dozen of engineers and consultants.


  • Michel DEBORD, responsible for the conception, animation and coordination of European projects..
    Successively: Professor of mathematics, marketing consultant for the mass media, President of European Audio Video Association, President of the French Association of the Infographic, Coordinator of the projects GeoTraceAgri, GTIS CAP, PETER, GEO FAIR TRADE, SOHO SOLO, PYRED , GRISI.
  • Juan MORA REY, assistant coordinator of European projects Costa Rican,with a Master in legal strategies for the international development, Juan began his career as an assistant in the coordination of projects at the Teleparc Centre.
  • Kyriaki PANAGIOTAKI Assistant Project Manager
  • Rafael MORENO PERALTO,IS consultant, Geomatics and geographical databases

  • Daan Van SETTEN, cgeomatics consultant for traceability

  • Luis OROZCO, PhD at the Teleparc centre / Université des Sciences Sociales - Toulouse 1
    Preparing a thesis on the impact of traceability in business organization
  • Florence GHIRON, consultant GMES
    In charge of conception of new projects GMES

  • Frédéric DARDENNE, GIS consultant for local authorities

  • Pascal HERMANN, cGeomatics consultant for agriculture




Trainees (January - September 2010)

  • Mathieu Abras works on the preparation of EU cooperation projects and on the execution of the Crea Business Idea and E-Incoprorate projects
  • Jérémie Pedoia is a trainee in geomatics
  • Guillaume Pinglot is a trainee in geomatics

Trainees (January - September 2009)

  • Charles Rioux-Boucher, trainee in Geomatics, works on the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Midi Pyrenees Region
  • Philippe Blackburn, trainee in Geomatics, works on the research project Geowine.
  • Caroline Martin works on the preparation of the Leakdetect project proposal (EU research project)
  • Laure Soubrié works on the Crea Business Idea project (EU cooperation project)
  • Emilie Bergès works on the E-Incorporate project (EU cooperation project)
  • Emilie Dostes works on the CRIGS project (regional project)
  • Glennie Larue works on the preparation of cultural projects
  • Nina Grangier works on the GeoFairTrade project (EU research project)
  • Sophie Délamasantière carries out a study regarding organic market in the Gers province
  • Claire Astric works on the local project "20 Villes Moyennes Témoins"

Trainees (April- September 2008)

  • Imelda KEIKO, works on the "20 Medium-Sized Cities"
  • Amandine REDJMI,works on the project "SOHO SOLO" Sarah MOURE, works on the project "IDS Midi Pyrénées"José MOUTINHO, works on the "Clé d'Or"
  • Ni GAO, works on the project "20 Medium-Sized Cities"
  • Jérôme SEIGNEURET, works on the architecture of the geographic databases
  • Jane GARCIA, works on the design of the new website Teleparc
  • Julie CALLENS, works on the GMO / non-GMO

Jobs and internships


Job and Internship opportunities