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p>logo Energic ODThe Teleparc centre of the Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) submitted on the 14th of May the ENERGIC OD (European Network for Redistributing Geographic Information to user Communities – Open Data) project in the frame of the 7th call for proposals of the ICT PSP (Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme) launched by the European Commission. This project tackles issues related to public Open Data, as specified in the objective 2.2 of this call.

The ENERGIC OD project, coordinated by the Gers CCI, aims to develop and generalize the use of Open Data in Europe, in particular in the field of geographic information. Hence, the project proposes to set up virtual hubs to enable collecting, analysing, sharing and reusing geographic information by all types of users, including non-specialists. A virtual hub will be implemented in each partner country (France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland) and a central European virtual hub will ensure smooth interactions between all national hubs.

The use of the brokering architecture to conceive and implement these hubs will ensure the interoperability of all the systems while avoiding the constraints of scripts and systems harmonisation procedures.

Once these hubs implemented and fed with open data, they will be used for the development of eleven applications enabling users to exploit the collected information in various domains. Hence, the Gers CCI will develop an application in the field of geotraceability to allow consumers to retrace the geographical origin of the PGI (Protected Geographic Information) labelled products.

The ENERGIC OD project gathers 18 partners from five EU countries, representing the public sector with the involvement of territorial and economic development institutions, public research institutes or universities, as well as the private one, with the involvement of several private companies.

Further information can be found on the Teleparc website

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