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Web Geographic Information System is an ongoing program provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gers. For each project undertaken by the CCI of Gers, a Geographic Information System website is created.

Geo-portal example: Soho Solo project
Soho Solo Geo-portal is used as a worldwide tool to promote the Gers region to "SOHO SOLOs". Provided is an interactive guide to welcome solo entrepreneurs. carte-interactive-territoire-gers.png


Geo-portal example: PYRED project

PYRED Geo-portal is used to strengthen a Pyrenees cross-border identity as well as facilitate mutually beneficial economic exchanges between Pyrenean French and Spanish regions.




Interactive mapping of the Gers region: provided by Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Data examples of employment in Gers by town, population in Gers by town, sector analysis by town, and sector analysis for companies with premises larger than 300 m² is provided.




INSPIRE directive implementation

INSPIRE directive implementation: Midi-Pyrénées Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Midi-Pyrenees (SDI Midi-Pyrenees) is a web service of map browsing about the Midi-Pyrenees region:

  • data and spatial services catalogues
  • visualization and maps processing
  • access to map data of reference
logo GRSI

Midi-Pyrenees S.D.I aims to bring new map services to the public organizations that are subscribing to the European directive INSPIRE INSPIRE(Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe).

INPIRE implementation: sdi Midi-Pyrénées grisi



Google Gers is a fusion between the technology of Google Earth and data concerning the department of Gers.

Google Gers is a regional promotion tool to those past, present, and future planning to visit, move, or resettle in the Gers.



To use Google Gers, the application Google Earth must first be installed.

Download google Earth (PC, Mac, Linux..): download google earth

After installation you are free to explore the region of Gers locating points of interests, researching statistical information, and identifying economical infrastructures... by downloading corresponding files:

Points of Interests
File Icon Tourism and Culture (2514)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
  • Tourist information offices
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • campgrounds
  • museums
  • monuments
  • theatres, movie theatres, concert halls
  • recreation parks
  • hiking points
File Icon Public services (1745)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
  • City halls
  • schools
  • post offices
  • police stations
  • courthouses
  • libraries
  • railway stations
  • kinder gardens
  • hospitals
Statistics in maps

The following statistics are represented by town districts, cantons, town community districts, pays, consummation basins.

File Icon Population (1397)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
  • Population/km2
  • surface area
  • population 1999
  • population 1990
  • natural balance
  • migration balance
  • number of accommodations
  • number of households
  • number of secondary residences
File Icon Employment (1409)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
  • Employment index
  • population 1999
  • active population
  • total employment
  • non-wage-earning employment
  • wage-earning employment
File Icon Entreprises (1435)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
  • Total number of enterprises
  • numbers of enterprises per category.
Economical infrastructure
File Icon The 100 biggest entreprises (1442)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
File Icon Industrial and businesses parks (1407)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)
File Icon Independent workers (1439)
(number of downloads since 2006 - june)

Recommendations for a smooth visualization of Google Earth data:

  • To open an information window of a geographic feature, click on the point of interest or in the centre of the polygon.
  • Avoid visualizing multiple data-sets all at once (especially with statistics layers which must be visualized one at the time)
  • Click here (French) if you encounter visualization problems.

Orthophoto of Gers

Orthophoto of Gers

General Context:

The CCI of Gers, with nine other partners from Gers, acquired in 1993 a BD ORTHO IGN server licence. This license resulted in the acquisition of aerial shots taken in 1999. In all, it was this act that began the first steps for creating a Geographical Database (a project of spatial data mutualisation in the Gers).

In addition, the BD ORTHO IGN - PVA 99 served as the base for cadastre digitization. However the PVA 99 soon became obsolete, leading to the assessment that it was time to acquire a new orthophotoplan.

The CCI of Gers, member and representative of a partnership of 10 public and private entities from Gers, wished to acquire an updated (PVA 2004 or 2005) orthophotoplan of the department of Gers.

Orthophoto of Gers 2006 is now available to all partners of the consortium on 10. So as to adapt to the demands and needs of each partner, the orthophoto was delivered in different formats and with different projections.

3D visualization of Gers: Auch