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In the past 10 years, the CCI of Gers through the European Geomatics Centre (EGC) of Gers has coordinated and participated in nine European Projects (GeoTraceAgri , GTIS CAP , PETER , PYRED , PYRED II , SOHO SOLO , RED LOCAL PLAN , GRISI , and Geo Fair Trade ).

The EGC of Gers' participation in these projects has been influential and completely necessary for its growth and success.

excellence-through-eu-projects.pngAll European projects participated in have been either European Cooperation or European Research Projects. In effect, this has allowed the EGC of Gers to grow multilaterally, as opposed to unilaterally, in the fields of development, research, innovation, and cooperation.

Each project
not only brings financing (funding R&D) but new partners who each bring with them new competencies to be learned.

Those competencies then allow for the advancement and progress of both the EGC of Gers and the field of Geomatics.

As one of the very few Geomatics centres in France, credibility and excellence is of utmost importance. Through its engagement in European projects, the EGC of Gers is able to advertise itself as a credible, reliable, capable partner. Ultimately, the EU and the idea it promotes (cooperation) has had everything to do with the existence of the EGC of Gers.


European Research Projects

  • GeoTraceAgri: Geotraceability
  • GTIS CAP: Geotraceability, Common Agricultural Policy
  • PETER: Food Safety & Food Traceability
  • Geo Fair Trade: Geomatics & The Fair Trade Industry
  • GeoNEAPI: Geomatics & Land Development
  • GEOFAV: Geomatics & Farming
  • GeoID: Geomatics & Authentication/ Identification
  • GeoOrganic: Geomatics and organic farming
  • Leak Detect: Research for food-processing SMEs
  • AGRIFAIR : Sustainable Elementary Territorial Unit for Fair Agriculture
  • ETUCOM: Elementary Territorial Units for crop specific COexistence Management: Management of GMO - non-GMO coexistence thanks to the development of the "territorialisation" concept
  • SPATEMP: Development and application of spatio-temporal methods for ex-ante and ex-post assessment of environmental impacts of rural development measures

European Cooperation projects

  • E-incorporate 2: Network of ICT consultants to capitalize tools to support competitiveness and innovation towards independant workers and VSB
  • PYRED: Business Development & Territorial Development
  • SOHO SOLO: Territorial Promotion
  • Red Local Plan: Geomatics & Local Development
  • GRISI: Geomatics, Geo-localisation & Territorial Development
  • GRISI PLUS: Geomatics tools for the improvement of economic development policies in rural areas
  • PYRED II: Business Development & Territorial Development
  • PYRED CAPITALIZATION: Organization of a Road Show to foster the presence of companies from neighbouring regions in fairs and shows
  • ENERGIC: European Network of Regional GeoSpatial Information Centres
  • Crea Business Idea: Company creativity virtual Cluster
  • E-Incorporate: Competitiveness and innovation for independent workers and small sized entreprises
  • ENERGIC OD: European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data
  • PhiloxeniaPlus: Attractivity and hosting policies and local attractiveness