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carte-situation-gers.pngThe department of Gers, located in the Midi Pyrenees region of France, is strategically centred in the midst of South West Europe.

Auch, the principal city in the department, is located 75 km from the city of Toulouse, 215 km from Bordeaux, 85 km from Agen, and 105 km from Pau.

All of the cities previously listed are accessible via public transport from Auch (bus, train, etc.), and major Airports can be found in Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Pau.



tab1: From Auch - Gers: main towns distance and corresponding driving times
  Toulouse Agen Pau Bordeaux Paris Barcelona Madrid
Auch 127 miles 117 miles 193 miles 330 miles 1200 miles 756 miles 1175 miles
1h10 1h15 1h40 2h20 7h 4h45 7h30




Quality of Life & Culture

Gers is heavily influenced by its culture- past and present. Once the home to D'Artagnan (one of the three legendary musketeers of France), the department of Gers is very proud of its history, making every effort to preserve traces of its past.

The presence of alimentary products such as foie gras, armagnac, and wine are characteristic to the region. Furthermore, all year round festivals are regularly taking place (Jazz in Marciac, Tempo Latino, and Circa).

 life-culture-gers-1.png life-culture-gers-3.png


Geomatics in Gers

Gers is commonly known, and widely referred to, as a low-population, rural, agriculturally dominated region. Geomatics, the science of collecting and analysing geographic and spatially referenced information, is seen as a key tool for the development of Gers. One of the largest assets of the department of Gers is its land; so it only sees fit that the department heavily invest into a science that will study and develop this asset.

In today's world, over 80% of existing information (whatever it may be) can be geo-referenced. The idea that Geomatics can involve over 80% of information in today's world is a strong testament to its capabilities. The department of Gers, through the application of Geomatics, has experienced, and will continue to experience, sustainable economic development. It as well is a strong tool in service development (for instance tourism). It is important to remember that while development is needed; changing a region or department's identity is not necessarily the correct path to take while striving for growth and progress. Geomatics was specifically chosen as a tool for the department because it promoted the idea of safeguarding the culture and history of Gers all while delivering modernity to the department.

Today, Gers is very well known for its investment and advancement of the science of Geomatics. As one of the largest players in the field, it hopes to continue to discover the new possibilities Geomatics can bring to the region.