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The aim of Teleparc is to develop economical activities linked to the study of Geomatics in the department of Gers. To do this, a range of services, including advice on financing, overcoming administrative procedures, developing a business and/or marketing plan, how to participate in our projects, and finding European partners are available to both new and already established businesses.

Business Start-Up and Support Services

The CEEI Gers Gascogne, the host of Teleparc, is a BIC (Business and Innovation Centre), and proud member of the European BIC Network ( The principal role of the CEEI Gers Gascogne is to act as a support organisation for innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs. Through providing this support action the future hope is that the CEEI Gers Gascogne will promote and encourage economic development in the department of Gers.

Some of the services offered by the CEEI include the following:

  1. Supplying strategic guidance
    • During incubation: risk analysis, business planning support, mentoring, and access to premises and to financing
    • Follow-up after creation: financial engineering, internationalisation and sign-posting towards existing service providers and other support organisations
  2. Providing an incubator/business resource centre dedicated to innovation
  3. Creating partnerships and fostering cooperation between Entrepreneurs/SMEs and economical/institutional partners
  4. Training of innovative entrepreneurs
  5. Helping search for land and real estate opportunities
  6. Mobilizing of public aid
  7. Mobilizing "local capital-risk funds" from 10 to 300 K€
  8. Offering technological assistance


For more information as to how to get involved with the CEEI Gers Gascogne contact:

Francois Bedoussac
Project Manager
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office: 33(0)5 6260 6861
Fax:     33(0)5 6260 6860

Business/Project Incubator

How does the business/project incubator of Gers work? Firstly, a business/project incubator is a "facility established to nurture young (start-up) firms during their early months or years" ( Ways in which an incubator, specifically the EGC of Gers, does this is by providing affordable work space, shared offices and services, management training, marketing support, and financing advice. Thanks to these services small businesses have a larger chance of survival during their beginning stages.


Business Opportunities

The EGC of Gers is an active participant in the NAVOBS PLUS project. "The NAVOBS PLUS project aims to improve the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Research and Technology Development (RTD) activities related to the development of innovative services based on Space infrastructures.


NAVOBS PLUS is focused in particular on supporting SME participation in RTD activities related to GALILEO, GMES and Space Telecom-based services which is one of the priority research areas of the seventh framework programme of the European Commission (EC)" (


The CCI of Gers and the EGC of Gers are continually looking for partners in their territorial and European projects. Business opportunities involving participation are regularly offered and often promoted. For more information contact Michel Debord ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).



Businesses in the BIC Teleparc

Gascogne Vallée

Gascogne Vallée is a project born from the desire of local elected members in the Gers province to develop local economy in a durable way.

This project involves many key players and stakeholders whose common objective is to promote various economic advantages of the Gers province and the Midi Pyrénées region in general. More information: