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Technical equipment

In addition to providing business start-up and support services, the CEEI of Gers, home to the European Geomatics Centre (EGC) of Gers, offers various resources aimed to aid businesses and Geomaticians in the department of Gers. Those resources include a fully networked training centre with:

  • Video projector
  • 9 workstations with flat screens (21 inches)
  • G.I.S/remote sensing
  • A2 colour printer
  • 8 ArcView9 licences (G.I.S)
  • 3 Spatial Analyst licences (raster analysis)
  • 3 3D Analyst/Arcscene licences (3D numeric model analysis)
  • 8 Erdas Imagine Professional licences (image treatment)
  • 1 reference GPS Leïca GPS500 workstation with
    GPS SPIDER control software 8
  • 4 Leïca GS20 receivers with GIS Datapro post-treatment software
  • 1 automatic drafting machine / scanner A0
  • Internet telephone services, broadband Internet (TDSL 5100) with
    Wi-Fi hotspot
  • shared services (autocom, mail management, photocopy...), work stations,
    desks, and ;meeting rooms (max capacity 20 people) are available.





Geographical Databases

Here the graph / poster about available databases



Offices spaces

In addition ;the EGC of Gers offers the possibility of renting office and work space for new/young businesses and entrepreneurs. Ranging about 20m², the office space is located directly in the EGC of Gers. The layout of the building can be found below (click on marks to show details)