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logo_etucom_diminu.jpgThe Teleparc geomatics centre of the Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry submitted on the 25th of January 2011 the European research project « ETUCOM » : Elementary Territorial Units for crop specific COexistence Management in the field of coexistence between GMO and non-GMO crops. This project is submitted in the frame of the call for proposals FP7-KBBE-2011-5 « Feasible and cost-effective crop-specific coexistence measures» of the 7th Framework Programme. The ETUCOM project aims at making easier the implementation of existing coexistence measures by developing the « territorialisation » concept.

Indeed, the implementation of cost-effective and efficient coexistence measures requires a local approach taking in account the specificities of territories and local stakeholders. The ETUCOM project will provide a solution enabling “territorialisation” of good coexistence practices of previous research projects. Through a local-based Information Service for all potential users and a Communication Program targeting all concerned key-players, the ETUCOM will facilitate the implementation of existing coexistence tools and guidelines, which:

  • are efficient and cost-effective,
  • guarantee the freedom of choice of farmers,
  • allow local authorities to develop their future socio-economic strategies,
  • allow stakeholders to get transparent information,
  • will be exploited by SMEs to enlarge their market.

The project gathers 20 partners (from 11 Member States, Turkey and Brazil): 12 academic and research institutions, 6 SMEs, and 2 stakeholders covering in an optimal way the different EU farming systems. An Advisory Group of 20 members will provide useful advice, evaluations and recommendations.

This ambitious proposal with a budget of more than 4 millions (with a European funding of 3 millions) will be carried out in 3 years. The results of the evaluation will be announced in April 2011.

More information regarding the project is available on the ETUCOM descriptive form .

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