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Crea Business Idea:

Company creativity virtual Cluster

Project status
Project type
European Cooperation Project
Umbrella project
Interreg IVB SUDOE
Project's coordinator
Crea Business Idea

The goal of the project : to create a favourable environment for the appearance of various initiatives in order to stimulate work in network and to enable the creation of a “virtual Cluster” in each partner area.

The partnership enables to cover the whole creative process, from the birth of the commercial idea to the creation of a new innovative company. It will allow to all the partners to share their knowledge and experiences, thus contributing to the creation of a favourable environment for the appearance of creativity-based networks.

In order to define and set up the initiatives, we will study various international methodologies and mechanisms as well as regional measures and we will collaborate with existing support infrastructures.

Action 1 : management and coordination
The management and coordination of the project will be under the responsibility of the leader partner: ADER Agency (Agencia de Desarrollo Económico Regional ADER de La Rioja). We will create a decion-maker Unit composed of the highest ranking officials of each partner as well as a Technical Unit composed of technicians working on the project daily.

The exchange and communication between the partners will be made through:

1. the use of various available tools in the field of the Information and Communication Technologies
2. the creation of a Web page containing information on the project as well as an important Intranet site
3. regular consortium meetings

Action 2: regional and international benchmarking of the mechanisms stimulating company creativity
The most successful experiences and best practices will enable the partners to develop an integral support system which will be more sophisticated and better adapted to the needs of each territory.

This action includes the following steps:

1. International benchmarking (case studies: United States, Ireland, Finland and Sweden) of the most successful initiatives regarding: 1. creativity development, 2. consolidation of companies (and emergent sectors)based on technology
2. Good practices Guide at international level
3. Diffusion of the Guide to potential contractors, companies and intermediate support organizations

Action 3: valorization of regional initiatives
The purpose of this action is to know and to emphasize the various initiatives, work methodes, as well as the existing support organizations at regional level seeking, on the one hand, to encourage the creativity within the company and, on the other hand, to support entrepreneurs during the creation of their company.

The following activities are planned:

1. regional mapping of supports to the creativity of company and to the creation of companies
2. international mapping
3. creation of a handbook of activities and creation of companies

Action 4: viability analysis of the creativity virtual cluster for companies
This analysis includes the following actions:
1. Definition of the basis and analysis of viability for the set-up of a creativity virtual cluster for companies
2. Development of creativity workshops in each partner area
3. Creation of meeting places between contractors, companies and intermediate support organizations for the innovation and creation of companies
4. Definition and set-up of an incubator of transregional virtual ideas
5. Definition and set-up of a transregional bank of ideas
6. Collaboration agreements with the intermediate organizations and specialized companies of the partner areas

Action 5: follow-up and evaluation of the project
This action is divided into two distinct activities:
1. follow-up activities
2. evaluation activities

The follow-up of the project are carried out continually. Besides the result and impact indicators, they will be defined for each action.

The following up of the project will be done by the leader of the project, the ADER agency.

An external consultant will carry out an ex-ante, an intermediate and a final evaluation.

Action 6: publicity, information and capitalization
We will have to develop a communication and diffusion plan of the project trough leading actions at various levels:
1. at internal level for all the partners of the project (diffusion of the reports)
2. at external level (actions for the entrepreneurs and the SMEs; actions for the intermediate organizations, presentation and promotion of the project and its principal results to other SUDOE areas and to areas located out of this space )

Start date: April 2009 – End date: March 2011

Co-financing ERDF funding: 1.15 M€