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Set up a structuring European Platform on Geotraceability

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Cluster project
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  • Chambre de Commerce et Industrie du Gers (CCI Gers)
  • AGRITELEPARC platform

    AGRI TELEPARC is a structuring project aimed at creating a platform on Geotraceability gathering:

    1. A coordinator of network of excellence on Geotraceability for researchers (financing and hosting PhD Students)
    2. A Regional Information Centre on Geomatics
    3. A cell design for the development of European research projects,
    4. A hosting centre to test the search results,
    5. A centre for initial and continuing training,
    6. An incubation centre for start-ups and a business incubator for researchers

    The aim of the platform AGRI TELEPARC is to create an environment conducive to transfer and host services companies in the fields of agriculture, agro-food, environmental protection and sustainable development of rural areas.


    AGRI TELEPARC is a cross platform open to all French competitiveness clusters of agro-food sectors, information technology and services

    Action Plan:

    1. Create a network of excellence Geotraceability for research and technology transfer to companies
    2. Establish a platform for experiments using Geotraceability for sustainable development and environmental protection of rural areas
    3. Create a Regional Information Geomatics (CRIG) to share the spatial data infrastructure and skills
    4. Develop training (initial and continuing) centre GERSTERRA using the human resources of the PRES Toulouse.
    5. Calendar: feasibility and implementation over 3 years. A balanced exploitation after the third year
    6. Innovative character: beyond the agro-food Geotraceability applies to the logistics of all services and measures to impact policy agenda Gothenburg
    7. Industrial Property: CCI Gers is co-owner of the results of projects PCRD

    The project has been divided in 2 phases:

    Phase 1: 3 years
    Phase 2: 5 years

    Budget Phase 1: around 2 M€.