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Geographical Database:

Territorial Promotion & Land Development

Project status
Project type
Geomatics Centre Project
Umbrella project
Project's coordinator
  • Conseil Général du Gers
  • Geographical Database

    In 2003, in favour of territorial planning and sustainable development, the General Council of Gers launched the creation of the Geographical Database. This extensive project is the fruit of a closer collaboration between the General Council, departmental authorities, and an assemblage of public and private partners (CCI, EDF, Surveying Experts, SAFER, CRPF, SEM Gers, SDIS, Véolia Eau, and IGN)


    The Geographical Database aims to pool cartographic data from all partners (roads, transportation circuits, etc...), and then digitalise the 5,200 cadastral plates of Gers (to be 820,000 parcels).

    The first two phases of cadastre digitalisation, coordinated by the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) service of the General Council, have been finished. They have covered 344 of the 463 communes of the department. The last phase will see the integral covering of territory for 2009.


    This huge database will supply a solution to many of the needs of its users, businesses, and communities. The database is consultable via an extranet geographical portal accessed by elected officials, civil servants, and project partners.




    Applications include:




    - Gas and electricity network


    General Council

    - Departmental Road Network


    General Council

    - School Transport Routes



    - Urban Planning Constraints


    CCI of Gers

    - Business Parks


    Phase 1: Achievement March 2006

    • 192 municipalities digitised
    • Operation Cost: € 789,054


    Phase 2: Achievement april 2008

    • 152 municipalities digitised (344 total)
    • Operation Cost: € 273,240


    Extension of Phase 2: Achievement 2009

    • 119 municipalities digitised
    • Operation Cost: €176,000

    2006-2009 (3 years)