West Regional Authority
West Regional Authority
Pays: Irlande
Type: Autorité Régionale
Secteur: Développement Economique/ Social/ Environnemental/ Territorial
Participe aux projets:
The West Regional Authority (WRA) is 1 of 8 such bodies established under the Local Government Act 1991and comprises 4 constituent Local Authorities of Galway , Mayo and Roscommon County Councils and Galway City Council. The Region incorporates 13,801 sq km in area and has a population of 414,277. Of this population 57% reside in rural areas which is served by a large network of local towns and villages all of which are experiencing demographic changes and associated challenges. The WRA Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 are concerned with reversing this trend to reinvigorate these communities as community development is an essential component of regional competitiveness. The WRA  through its role in fostering plans, policies, proposals and objectives of Government supports the role of various programmes which contribute to the development of the region's towns and villages
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